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Put on your walking shoes when you're coming to Petaluma because this charming Victorian Riverfront Town is made for walking.

Few cities of our size in America have earned the reputation that Petaluma can claim. We have gone from being one of California's largest cities (1860's) to the World's Egg Basket (early 1900's) to the World's Wristwrestling Capitol (current).

We were the first U. S. city to be able to protect our uniqueness through a residential growth management plan (we won the right from the U. S. Supreme Court), and our "Anytown, U. S. A." visual appeal has drawn film makers wince the earliest days of Hollywood.

Because Petaluma was miraculously untouched by the 1906 earthquake, a substantial stock of quaint Victorian homes and commercial buildings remain, and sightseeing is a particularly rewarding treat.

"American Graffiti," "Basic Instinct," and "Peggy Sue Got Married" - these are just a few of the many films that have captured the charm and style of Petaluma on film.

Thirty-five miles north of San Francisco, this Victorian riverfront town is surrounded by acres of open space, farmlands, rolling hills, rugged coast, and is close to redwoods and wineries, making it a filmmaker's paradise. Petaluma's downtown, one of the best preserved in California, is graced with historic Iron-Front buildings, survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and immaculate Victorian mansions.