Santa Rosa


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Santa Rosa is located in a long north/south, alluvial plain stretching from Marin County in the south to almost Mendocino County in the north. Some of the world's finest grape growing soils are located in this region. Wine and dairy ranching dominate agricultural production with fruit (apples/plums) also a major product.  The Santa Rosa plain is characterized by open grassland with scattered stands of oak. Huge Valley Oaks predominate and numerous varieties of grasses make up the mix.

Urban Santa Rosa is a community located about 50 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge and 30 miles to the west is the Pacific Ocean. Santa Rosa is the County seat and center of trade, government, commerce and medical facilities for the North Bay and beyond.

The city maintains a small town environment despite rapid growth in the last two decades. Santa Rosa's neighborhoods include a wide variety of architectural types and styles including many beautiful older Victorian homes. The weather is temperate and Mediterranean-like. The proximity of the Sierras provide winter sports less than four hours drive from the City. The Pacific Ocean is a short 30 minute drive, which helps to keep summer nights cool and comfortable.