Laurie and Michael Cirivello

Dear Mike,
Though this is a delayed letter, it’s tardiness does not diminish our gratitude for your consistently professional and helpful service.
From the first home you helped us buy, through the recent sale of our Monroe St. house, you always gave us honest advice and immense effort. Your experience in the field was invaluable at every turn and in each transaction, we felt well taken care of, no matter what the challenge. (And we know we weren’t always easy J).
You are not just a good realtor, but also a great guy. Now that we have moved to the Midwest, we really miss you. Though we finally bought a house here, we never found a realtor whose personal attention and overall know-how came close to what you provided.
Thank you for being such a good realtor and always treating like we were so much more than merely clients.
Best to you always!
Laurie and Michael Cirivello